Project OMEGA Documentation

February 13, 2012

Artist Statement The OMEGA Project is an interactive networked experience that encourages teams of strangers to work together in order to solve riddles and achieve a predefined goal. The piece explores possible uses of online video-based chat systems in a playful and engaging setting. By relying heavily on the networked experience, OMEGA takes the ideas […]

Project OMEGA: The Final Run-Through

February 12, 2012

From an overall standpoint, Project OMEGA’s final executed experience seemed to go relatively well. Participants seemed to enjoy themselves and were often humoured by the details of the narrative (sometimes going as far as to play along). Personally, I’m proud of the atmosphere and attention to detail that the team was able to pull off […]

Project OMEGA: Technical Research

February 12, 2012

Although Project OMEGA was far less technically challenging than past projects (the “technology” was already put in place for us), that didn’t stop me from incorporating some slightly more complex elements into the mix. While we were planning out the types of riddles and clues that would be scattered throughout the experience, I noticed we […]

Designing a Multi-User Networked Narrative Experience

February 11, 2012

After a hectic few weeks of keeping myself busy, I’ve finally found some time to catch up on the blog and my recent work. A few weeks ago, I worked with a team to design an experience built around a preexisting network infrastructure (i.e. iChat videoconferencing, Skype and the like). The result was a detective […]

Response: Exploring Emergence

December 2, 2011

Exploring Emergence by Mitchel Resnick and Brian Silverman is an interactive essay, looking at how simple rule sets can generate interesting, often complex interactions. They explain this concept using a grid of squares, introducing varying rules that constitute how squares can be turned “on” or “off.” For example, the most popular rule set for this […]