Art (6 posts)

As a New Media student, fine art situated in a contemporary context is something I'm frequently thinking about.

Design (1 posts)

Referring to the deliberate act of planning and building: static and dynamic works, computer hardware and entire city infrastructures. I rant about design quite a bit.

Events (1 posts)

Coverage of the events I've had the pleasure of participating or being featured in. Mostly art shows and video game exhibitions.

Portfolio (11 posts)

Selected works over the years that I'm proud enough to show on my main page. You'll find a variety of pieces including web design and print work, video games, and New Media installations.

Technology (2 posts)

A more general expression of geekery: looking at and playing with new gadgets and gizmos, as well as any advances in my areas of interest that are worth discussing.

User Experience (5 posts)

A topic I hold near and dear to my heart. User experience happens when you open a door, step into a restaurant, or press the controls on your phone.

Web (2 posts)

Being a web designer for nine years, the topic of this constantly moving industry comes up frequently. Trends and my own development practices will be documented here.