Project OMEGA Documentation

February 13, 2012

Artist Statement
The OMEGA Project is an interactive networked experience that encourages teams of strangers to work together in order to solve riddles and achieve a predefined goal. The piece explores possible uses of online video-based chat systems in a playful and engaging setting. By relying heavily on the networked experience, OMEGA takes the ideas of simple video game mechanics and inserts them into a living reality for user immersion and interaction. A compelling story world acts as the backdrop of the experience, drawing people into the interactive real-time ‘video game’ and expelling people from the world of the video screen into a fictional reality.

Themed around the narrative of a post-apocalyptic zombie epidemic, users are pressed to find the cure before time runs out, all while learning more about the fictional characters involved on a personal level. The experience is split between four locations: a security room (the master control room), an office, a house, and a laboratory. Players are grouped into pairs and are given ‘survival kits.’ Groups are distributed amongst the office, house and laboratory while the remaining users monitor their progress in the security room. All rooms are networked via iChat videoconferencing and contain various hints and puzzles, many of which pertain to puzzles or objects in the other rooms. This requires groups to maintain continuous communication, working together to solve all of the puzzles and ultimately find the cure to the zombie epidemic.