Welcome to my new Portfolio Site

January 4, 2012

So I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on a redesign of my portfolio site. The design you see as of this posting has been worked on and tweaked over the last couple months, but I just got around to implementing it over the holidays. I’d like to thank a few of my New Media peers for helping me make minor design decisions and testing for me!

For those who are familiar with my old site, you’ll notice this is a full-fledged renovation. In fact, the old site was hosted on Ryerson University’s servers (I simply redirected konstantino.me to that web space). The new site runs on the lovely Canadian-based, green web host GreenGeeks.ca.

While we’re on the topic of back-end infrastructure, I’ve moved my domain name from GoDaddy to NameCheap due to GoDaddy’s suspicious support for SOPA. If you’re interested in the recent onslaught of domains that GoDaddy’s has lost over the past week, take a look at this article involving a movement sparked by the Reddit community. NameCheap has been great for me so far, and neither party has given me any trouble with the domain transfer.

The site now has a reliable CMS backbone, proudly running on WordPress. Updates will be more frequent (and simpler) thanks to this much-needed change.

A note to Internet Explorer users: the site looks semi-terrible in IE6, but works in newer versions (with some cosmetic flaws). I’ll be addressing the minor rendering issues in the next few weeks!

If you’re new to the place, welcome! Take a look at my portfolio to see some of my recent work. Enjoy!